Guidelines to be Given to a Live-in Nanny

Today both the parents in a family go for work and are worried of their childcare. Hiring a live-in nanny is the best option for such families. You need to hire a qualified and experienced live-in nanny to provide in-home care. Once you hire a nanny, it is better to instruct or set some rules and guidelines to be followed. Outline these instructions at the time of work agreement itself. Here are some guidelines that need to be given to a live-in nanny.

  • Give the details of duties and responsibilities that she needs to perform. Provide her the rules for schedules, activities, meals, and supervision of children. You may also set some rules about some issues of childcare that include laundry and dishes for those nannies who agree to perform them. It is important to communicate with a nanny to make her understand your expectations.
  • Make her know about the house rules. Provide instructions about the security precautions taken in the home. Tell her if any repairmen or others are coming to home. It is better to clear up front for eliminating any confusion.
  • Ask her to call them if any emergency situations arise.
  • Communicate with your nanny regarding some discipline issues that you expect to deal with children. For example, you need to give outlines for how much time your children can watch television.
  • You can also outline rules for the nanny’s behavior. You can set the rules in issues like wearing uniform, allowing her visitors, and so on.
  • Set some driving-related rules when she is required to take children out.

If you include these rules or guidelines in a nanny agreement, then it is better to maintain a good relation with the nanny.

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