Know About Benefits of Using Silk Pillow Covers

It is better for the hotel management to invest on silk pillow covers as they are more beneficial than any other pillow covers. Following are the benefits the management of the hotel can offer to their guests by using the silk pillow covers:

Skin Care:
Cotton, linen, polyester fabrics have high absorbency rates and absorb the water from the body when guests sleep on these pillows. In recent studies it is found that after sun damage the biggest reason for ageing is sleeping on these type of pillows. By using the pillows made up of silk the hotel management can protect the guests from these problems because silk proactively retains moisture and soft nature of the fibers provides a smooth base.

Dust mite is a key allergen that increases the symptoms of asthma and allergy. Silk pillowcases are naturally hypoallergenic and they repel mites that commonly live in bedding. Silk contains the amino acid Sericin which holds an anti acarid property to prevent the growth of mites and mold.

Hair Care:
From the olden days silk is used to increase the shininess and quality of hair. The proteins and anti frizz in silk pillowcases will ensure that the hair looks more beautiful and also sleeping on silk pillows reduces the loss of natural hair oils and moisture by preventing osmosis.

Cultivated silk is more durable than wild silk and natural silk is resistant to mold and mildew.

Silk is naturally a fire retardant and it can be used in hotel bedding and it is suitable best for babies and children.

Easy Care:
The silk pillow covers are easy to maintain and wash, this fabric has a nature of fast drying.

With all the above benefits of silk pillow covers, these become the most preferred option.

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