Benefits of Hair Drug Testing Over Other Drug Tests

Drug testing has got a lot of significance these days. Different types of drug testing kits are used these days at workplaces, homes, schools, and other organizations. Urine, hair, blood, and saliva drug testing methods are conducted to check for the presence of illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin, amphetamines and so on. However, hair drug testing is associated with many benefits when compared to other tests.

Hair drug testing method has a longer detection window. Compared to any other tests, hair drug test can detect drugs that are taken in the past 90 days. The positive result of the urine, hair, and saliva drug tests indicate the usage of illegal drugs in the recent past. Where as the hair drug test detects drugs that are even taken a long time back. Drug testing methods other than hair drug testing cannot determine the drug history of the person that is very much important in many cases. Hair drug testing is most beneficial as it can determine if the person is a drug abuser or an occasional or one time drug user.

Hair drug testing is the most non-invasive method compared to the other drug tests. Where as blood and urine drug tests are more invasive methods. Also, people may feel that it is difficult to collect the urine or saliva sample at workplaces, schools, or any other place at the time of drug testing. However, there are no privacy issues associated with hair drug testing. The sample can be obtained from chest, head, or legs. Storing and shipping the specimens is also very easy.

There are no chances of adulteration when it comes to hair drug testing. Many people adulterate the urine and saliva samples in order to have a negative result. Though some people try to use shampoos and others to pass the test, hair drug testing can still detect the drug present in the hair sample. The other advantage is that, even small traces of drug metabolites are detected through hair drug testing. It is because of these benefits that hair drug testing has become popular these days. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme