What are the Indications of a Bad Nanny?

Most of the parents these days are so busy and are in need of finding some solution for their childcare. Hiring a nanny is the best way for your childcare. A nanny is an individual providing a service for the family taking care of children in the presence or absence of parents. It is therefore necessary to check if a nanny is good in taking care of your children. Once you hire a nanny, you need to check the quality of her work related to your child. There are some signs or indications for finding a bad nanny. Here are some of them.

  • When your child becomes anxious and is withdrawn from nanny even after certain period of time, it indicates that the nanny is not best. The child will not feel happy and will cry when you leave him with nanny.
  • Your child may be involved in too many easily avoidable accidents under the supervision of a bad nanny. It is necessary for the nanny to look after the child and know what he is doing all the time. She should not leave the child unattended when he sleeps or plays.
  • A bad nanny does not engage in conversation with parents. A good nanny should communicate with you regarding the activities and development of the kid.
  • The one who does not focus on the instructions provided by the parents is also considered a bad nanny.
  • She also seems to be lethargic and exhausted. She does not even show interest in her daily activities.
  • She seems to be secretive about how they spent the day. When once you reach home, you should know what had happened that day. The nanny should also be interested to say about the things that happened without any secrecy. If you do not receive proper information from her, then it is an indication that the nanny is not good.
  • Your baby may often look dirty and untidy under care of such bad nanny.

These above signs may help you in identifying that the nanny is not appropriate for your childcare. Ensure that you fire her after getting right evidence.

Updated: April 3, 2013 — 12:27 am
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