Certain Negative Effects of Daycare on Children

It is obvious that working parents keep their children in a daycare center for effective childcare. Having felt that they are kept in a safe and reputed daycare center may be miserable. This is because of the fact that certain negative effects may be seen on children kept at daycare centers. Have a look on some of them.

Stressful Atmosphere
Some children who spend a full day in the daycare center are more stressed. It has been studied that children who feel shy and do not wish to be at such gathered places are more stressed. Some studies stated that more of cortisol which is a stress hormone is released in some of the children spending their time in a daycare center.

Aggressive Behavior
It is because of the stress levels that the children do not wish to go there. Also, this results in an aggressive behavior. They may fight with the co-children and the teachers over there. Apart from that there may be a change in the behavior of the children.

Social Relationship
It is known that a child improves his social relationship when sent to a daycare center. However, the exact opposite thing may also be seen in some children. Certain children who feel shy and stressed, wishes to deviate themselves from gathered people. They may also avoid people at their home and places. This may have an effect on their social relationship.

Work Habits
With feeling of stress the work habits of school-going children are also affected sometimes. In spite of improved memory, vocabulary, and other cognitive skills, they do not finish their work assignments in time.

With these negative effects, it becomes important for parents to check if their child is feeling happy to go a daycare center. However, it is better to provide in-home care through hiring a nanny to avoid any such problems.

Updated: April 3, 2013 — 12:29 am
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