Know the Important steps to Stop Smoking

Cigarette smoking causes many changes in the body, these changes are caused because the body is addicted to nicotine present in the cigarette. Nicotine when inhaled enters in to the blood from lungs, then it reaches brain and performs chemical reactions, which makes the individual get addicted to it. Factors like nicotine dependence, genetic factors, and psychosocial factors influence maintenance of smoking behavior in the people. Nicotine persists in the body up to six to eight hours after smoking is stopped. Nicotine is one of the addiction that is very difficult to stop but one can quit smoking by implementing the following steps:

  • First of all it is important to take a decision to quit smoke and stick to the decision. Therefore, fix a date.
  • It is better to take some time to get rid of everything related to cigarettes before the actual date.
  • Do some physical activities like walking, running, doing some easy stretches, or reading a book.
  • It is better to drink water or juices or tea and this is done to focus on something pleasant instead of smoking.
  • Think positively and don’t get anxiety or depression. Think that you have made a good decision.
  • Make creative changes in your life and try a new activity which has something fun to take your mind off smoking.
  • Do not use minor problems as a reason to smoke and there should be no excuses when you decide to quit smoking.
  • Use the money spent for purchasing cigarettes for other purposes like to enjoy a night out for yourself, or with a friend.
  • Also think about the negative effects of the smoking on the health.
  • Look for the alternatives for nicotine which do not produce harmful effects on the health such as nicotine gum, the trans dermal patch, nasal spray, and inhaler etc. for some days.

To stay away from smoking needs strong determination, hence all the above steps along with strong will power will definitely ensure success in leaving the habit of smoking. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme