How to Diagnose Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are used to treat physical pain, anxiety and sleep disorders etc. These prescription drugs are suggested by the doctor. There is a tendency in many patients to become dependent on these drugs and they continue to take the drugs even after the disease is cured, which leads to addiction. Prescription drugs are the second most commonly abused drugs after marijuana. Some of the prescription drugs are available over the counter.

Following are the instructions to diagnose addiction to prescription drugs:

  • First and important thing in diagnosing prescription drug abuse is to consult a doctor. The doctor asks the drug addict and his family about the behavior of the individual at the home. Depending on the answers given by the patient and his family members for the questions of the doctor, he comes to a conclusion about the stage of the addiction and condition of the patient.
  • Proscription drug addiction can also be diagnosed by conducting the blood test as these can give the exact results. Blood from the drug addict is collected and tested in the laboratory for the presence of the prescription drugs.
  • Other way is to consult a psychologist as he can evaluate the behavior of the individual and this helps the psychologist in determining if he or she is suffering from symptoms of addiction or withdrawal.
  • One way is to observe the behavior of the drug abuser. The general behavior of the addicts is different, these individuals have the tendencies to with draw from social, recreational and occupational activities. They will be day dreaming and do not respond to the questions asked to them.
  • Prescription drugs are suggested for a patient to cure the disease and if the individuals are already addicted to these drugs, the prescribed drugs will not show any effect and they will not reduce the symptoms of that disease.
  • In the individuals who are addicted to the prescription drugs there will be a change in the clothing patters and they may have a dazed look. This should be observed carefully and should be taken to a psychologist.
  • Depending on the drug taken, excessive sweating and flush skin may also be present in the persons who are abusing prescription drugs. These things create weakness in the abuser and hence should be taken to the doctor immediately.

Diagnosis should be given at the right time to the abuser. By following the above instructions, diagnosis should be provided in the appropriate way and time. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme