Care and Maintenance for Smile Makeover

As you know, a perfect pleasant smile is going to affect your physical features of your face. Certain dental problems and other facial features may change the frame of your smile. However, they can be treated by a smile makeover. A smile makeover can include any thing from teeth whitening to replacing missing teeth. However, it may include one or more cosmetic dental procedures that are more expensive. So, once you undertake the smile makeover, it is necessary to take proper maintenance and care. Otherwise, it loses its worth or value.

  • Brushing and flossing are the regular activities that you need to follow daily without negligence. Brush twice a day with a compatible toothbrush. Flossing your mouth frequently removes any deposited food particles in the teeth. However, people having veneers should be careful when flossing.
  • You should clean your teeth gently as excessive brushing can damage the enamel of the teeth.
  • Specific foods which have high sugar content should be avoided. Do not take food items which are hard in texture.
  • Avoid usage of alcohol and other beverages as the dental work is prone to damages by them. Also, quit smoking and chewing tobacco-based products because they cause discoloration of the teeth which may again affect your smile.
  • In addition, you should not bite any hard items like pens, metal, staples and so on.

Many people have a habit of grinding their teeth. This may cause damage to the teeth which have undergone various dental procedures for smile makeover. So, avoid this habit to maintain the treatment process. Along with following the above tips, consult your dentist for regular cleaning appointments and ensure proper oral hygiene. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme