Tips to Prepare a Birthday Cake for Your Kid’s First Birthday

Every mom wants to celebrate her child’s first birthday in a special way to remember for years. She wants to have this birthday as the most memorable moment in her life. So celebrate your child’s first birthday in a special style using a ‘1’ shaped birthday cake. This ‘1’ shaped birthday cake is the right cake for the first birthday’s. But this cake is available in only one flavor – chocolate. Let us now know some tips on how to prepare this 1 shaped birthday cake for you kid’s birthday.

The ingredients used in the preparation of this birthday cake are – a long chocolate Swiss roll, butter cream, candies or lollies of your choice, and sugar craft toys or models. The method used in the preparation of this birthday cake is as follows:

  • First cut one end of the Swiss roll with forty – five degree angle, and then cut the remaining roll into two parts, one longer and other small.
  • Place the first cut part ( forty five angle part) at top of the long part and keep the small part in the bottom to get the 1 shape. Here the entire Swiss roll looks like 1.
  • After shaping the Swiss roll into 1 shape, then paint the chosen butter cream with using a palette knife. You can use your favorite butter cream to paint. Paint the butter cream neatly without any gaps around the 1 shape.
  • Decorate the prepared 1 shape cake by using sweets and chocolates. Such as place the sweets and chocolates at corner lines of one shape. You may also place small dolly mixtures to emphasis the one shape
  • Place the toys and models (small car or any other shapes) on the cake. You may also use plastic toy, if you do not get sugar craft toys.
  • Then decorate the cake in your way to enhance the one shape look.
  • Place one single candle on top of the cake.
  • Your one shape cake is now ready to cut.

By following the above tips you can prepare your kid’s first birthday cake easily and specially. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme