Types of Job Interviews in an Organization

Interviews are crucial part of the recruitment process for every organization. There are different types of interviews, all these have common objective. Following are the different types of interviews:

Behavioral Interviews:
In these type of interviews, employers use standardized methods to know information relevant to competency of the candidate in a particular area or position. Depending on the requirements candidates may be asked to describe a time that requires problem solving skills, adaptability, leadership, conflict resolution and stress management.

Group Interviews:
There are two types of group interviews, in one type, a group of interviewers, often called as interview panel, interview the candidates and in other type, candidates are interviewed along with a group of other applicants.

Informational Interview:
An informational interview is an interview conducted to collect information about a job, career field, industry or company. During an informational interview, the applicant and employer exchange information and get to know one another better without reference to a specific job opening.

Structured Interviews:
A structured interview is a standardized method of evaluating the applicants and it is typically used when an employer wants to assess and compare candidates impartially. The interviewers make the questions according to the specific skills required to perform a particular job.

Unstructured Interview:
An unstructured interview is a job interview in which the questions are asked according to the situation and they may be changed based on the interviewee’s responses. The direction of the interview is casual and flow of questions is based on the direction of the conversation.

Screening Interview:
Companies conduct screening interviews to check whether the candidate has minimum qualification requirements. Computer based tools are used in this stage to eliminate the unqualified applicants.

Panel Job Interview:
In these type of interviews an applicant is interviewed by a panel of interviewers. In some cases, the candidate will meet separately with the panel.

Interview is the most important stage of the candidate selection. Hence, different types of interviews help in overall assessing of the personality of the candidate, which will help in selection of the best candidate.

Updated: December 24, 2013 — 3:38 am
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