Know About Types of Staffing Services

Staffing should be carried out carefully as per designed and approved personnel policies in the organization. Staffing services help the organizations in providing the man power required by the companies. There are three different types of staffing services offered by the staffing agencies which are here under:

Temporary Staffing Service:
This service provides the short term man power requirements needed by the employing organization. Generally companies opt for these types of staffing services to fill the positions made vacant by their absent employees or helps in supplementing the existing staff during times of high workload. These staffing services saves the money for the organizations as there is no need for the companies to go for lengthy recruiting and assessment processes which also brings huge costs for the companies.

Long term Staffing Service:
These type of staffing services provides employees for long term assignments and there is no specific time period. This type of staffing requirement is common in the companies operating in professional and technical sectors, where human resources are required on a project to project basis.

Contract to Hire Staffing Service:
It is a combination of temporary staffing and permanent employment. This service allows the company to take employees on the temporary basis and if the employee meets the satisfactory requirements, the company may then take the employee onto their payrolls. Most companies prefer this type of services, as it provides the companies a safe alternative to permanent hiring and also it allows the company to evaluate the capabilities and managerial skills of the employee.

A company staffing policy differs with time and requirement, hence a company should adopt the staffing policies which are suitable to its needs.

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