Availability of Glow Sticks in Different Sizes

Everybody knows the versatile uses of glow sticks. Because of their durability, resistance to different climatic conditions and the way they effectively work with out using any energy source made their use more wider. Since they are being used for different purposes they should be available in difference sizes. The availability of glow sticks in different sizes made them convenient to use. Let us see different sizes in which glow sticks are available.

Glow Sticks are mainly available in four different sizes. They are as below.

Mini glow stick: These glow sticks are about 1.5 inches long and 5mm wide. These glow sticks glow for 1-2 hours and after that they continue glowing with a dimmer light for several hours. They are popularly sold as fishing glow sticks. We can find a lot of products available in the market which are related to mini glow sticks, they include glow stick rings, bracelets etc.

Normal glow sticks: These glow sticks are about 8 inches long and 5 mm wide. They can glow for 5-6 hours and will continue in a dimmer state for 2 more days. They come along with connectors to make them into bracelets and rings. They can also be made into glow glasses and glow bunny ears.

The six inches glow stick: These Glow sticks are about 6 inches long and 10 mm wide. These are brightest glowing sticks but do not last for long time. They glow for around 12 hours brightly and after that they will continue to glow in a dimmer state for several hours. These sticks are little bit more expensive than the other models.

The 22 inches glow stick: These glow sticks are 22 inches long and rest of the operations are quite similar to that of normal glow sticks. They come along with the connectors a bit longer. They are more expensive as than the other types and can be available only in major stores.

These are different types of glow sticks and every size can be available in different colors. They are available for low cost if they are purchased in a bulk.

Updated: April 4, 2012 — 12:54 am
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