Language is the Most Important Factor in Translation

Language is a medium of communication between any two persons or organizations. The main aim of communication is to make the other person understand what we mean. If the language is proper then only he can understand what you meant. Language is important in every walk of life. The main aim of translation is to break the business barriers by making the products and services available to every part of the world. Here language plays an important role, since it is the thing which is getting translated.

Different regions have different languages. According to 2007 report submitted by Department of linguistics from University of Pennsylvania, there are approximately 6900 official languages in the world. And in the era of Globalization, each and every company is trying to expand its company to every corner of the world. This effect of globalization makes the translation an ever growing industry with infinite opportunities.

Keeping the original meaning of the original text is very important step in translating. This can be achieved only with proper knowledge about the target language. This is the reason why most of the translators select their mother tongue or their regional language as the targeted language. It is also important to have sound knowledge on source language, because with out proper understanding, translation is not possible.

Translation also includes localization of the websites. Even though English is a standard language for all international businesses, the effect of knowing about some service in our own language makes a lot of difference in the consumers behavior. And not everybody are able to read English. Due to these reasons language is playing a major role in the field of translation.

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