How are Yoga Postures Helpful?

Yoga is often considered as a form of exercise which include some yogic postures which are called as Asanas in Sanskrit. There are different forms of postures which were performed by the body for healing different problems. Apart from asanas there are a lot of techniques in yoga which involve breathing exercises. They are also very helpful. Even though the postures and the techniques were meant for different problems they show overall benefits on the whole body.

Various yoga poses and postures help us to strengthen the muscles, tissues, ligaments, joints and nerves. It also helps in smooth functioning of all the systems in the body. Apart from these are multiple uses of the yoga postures. Let us have look on the various benefits of Yogic postures.

  • Stress in our daily life results in more health problems like weakness and fatigue. We may not know that they were caused due to stress. The yogic postures helps in relaxing both the body and the mind. It also helps in rejuvenating your energy levels.
  • Some postures such as mountain postures increases our concentration power and tones the entire body and muscles.
  • The tree posture helps in balancing the senses.
  • The snake posture which is popularly called as bhujangasana, helps in reducing back pain, eliminates constipation and stimulates appetite.
  • Another posture called as shalabasana reduces gastric problems, tones up kidneys and glands, and ensures the health of liver and pancreas.
  • The wheel posture strengthens the spinal cord and gains strong back and arms. It also helps in reducing the fat.
  • Even though the effort is less in physical postures it is any way a physical activity and hence it ensures good sleep.
  • Yoga postures also boost the metabolism, circulation and hormonal secretions, which in turn helps in the chemical balance with in the body.
  • These yogic exercises helps in stretching the bones and joints making you more flexible.
  • It is an excellent weight bearing activity which improves the bone density.

However these benefits are attained only after doing these postures in a right way under an experts supervision. Once you get used to them you can do it yourself and by maintaining regularity perfection can be attained.

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