Operation of Home Automation Through Touch Screen

Technology has been changing day-to-day and is making human life more comfortable. It is reducing the human’s risk in their every day life. Before we use to operate the electronic equipments with either button, mouse or remote. Bu now the latest innovation is touch screen technology. Touch screen technology is being developed in many appliances like mobile, television, computer, home appliances, etc.

Now a days number of enterprises and homes are using the touch screen technology in their automation systems. In a home automation system, devices are installed within the display. The graphic interface will help the user to perform number of operations to monitor and manage by touching the screen. The automation system requires human as medium and is convenient to all users. The touch screen technology reduces the human risk in operating the home appliances.

Many models of touch screen systems are present like, in-wall models have the benefits of monitoring both easy access and out of the way operation and tabletop model is mainly used in kitchen counters or end tables

A single touch screen monitor can operate the complete home automation process. The prominent software is required for operating the process. We can monitor the lighting, security systems, voice mails, security cameras, room temperature etc. because of its user friendly feature, touch screen is becoming more popular.

Updated: October 11, 2011 — 6:14 am
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