Types of Contact Lenses based on the Disposal Time Intervals

Basically there are three types of contact lenses which are classified according to the wear time. They are the daily wear contact lenses, extended wear contact lenses and the disposable contact lenses.

Daily wear contact lenses are nothing but soft lenses which are more popular type of lenses worn by many of the people. These lenses can be worn continuously throughout the day and should be removed before sleeping. The cleaning and maintenance of these lenses is also easy and pretty convenient to the people who want to wear contact lenses regularly. These lenses allow greater amount of oxygen to pass through the eye and hence offer great comfort and ease to adjust.

Extended wear lenses are made of oxygen permeable material which allows the people to wear the lenses for extended periods. These lenses are quite helpful for the people who cannot stay long time without glasses or lenses. These lens are designed to wear for longer periods from 7 to 30 days with our cleaning, removal or disinfection. They also allow more oxygen to reach the eye and hence prevents drying of eyes.

Disposable wear lenses are the more comfortable and the convenient kind of lenses, especially for the people who use the lenses for fun and to have a new look. Again, in the disposables there are two types. One is daily disposables, which are to be worn for one day and then thrown away. The second are the silicon extended wear disposables, which are made with the silicon hydrogen material that can be worn up to 30 nights and days. These help in reducing the dry eye irritation.

These are the different types of contact lenses which are classified according to the wear interval and one can choose the lens according to their convenience.

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