Importance of Intervention for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Individuals addicted to drug and alcohol often deny their alcohol behavior and do not agree with the fact that it is harmful to them and to others also. They cannot understand that they have been facing serious problems, often become aggressive or defensive, make others feel guilty and ignore the requests for help. It is quite depressing for the friends and family members who try to help them recover from the drug abusing problems. Intervention, either one-to-one or group, can be the right solution for such people.

The process of intervention helps in giving the correct type of support. It even encourages the individual to receive the help that they deserve and need. The main goal of drug intervention is to make them confident that they have the power to overcome the addiction. It even tries to make the individual ready to go to drug addiction treatment program. Alcoholism intervention aims to educate the person on the dangerous effects of alcohol and also encourages them to stop the deadly habit.

The intervention program is made successful with encouragement from friends, family, and a healthcare professional from treatment center. Before conducting the intervention meeting with the drug abused person, the family members of friends should contact and talk to the professional. Then they have to determine the situation and decide the time and place of intervention. Later the intervention meeting should be conducted in which the person is explained about the need and importance of getting away from the substance abuse. Also, they make them understand the harmful effects of neglecting the intervention and treatment. Once the intervention program is successful, the treatment process starts and it includes certain prescription drug medication and also motivational behavioral therapies based on the extent of drug addiction of the person. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme