Want to Get Rid of Chipped Teeth?

Are you shy of smiling before your friends because of your chipped teeth? I know it is really irritating to bear the damaged teeth. The reasons for chipped teeth may be anything including falls, impact of your mouth, or the form of your tooth. However, there are many options to treat chipped teeth. Then, why late? Go through to find the better treatment options.

A minimally damaged chipped teeth may be treated with either composite or porcelain veneers. A natural and smooth appearance can be provided to your teeth with direct bonding of veneers to the teeth. Bonding materials like resin are designed to blend in with the natural tooth surface. After bonding the chipped tooth, it can be contoured or polished to create a perfect match with other teeth. A larger chipped teeth or the chipped teeth present in area that does not promote easy fixation can be treated by your dentist through reshaping and contouring.

Sometimes, if the teeth is chipped badly or there is pain when chewing or drinking, then it is treated with a crown. Dental crown is nothing but a cap which covers the tooth protecting it. It is also considered to improve the aesthetic appearance of the tooth. Anything like filling, veneers or crowns can be designed in such a way that they match the existing teeth. At times, the chipped tooth may cause great damage to the extent that needs greater effort for repair. If the root of the chipped tooth is also damaged, then it is better to extract and replace the tooth. Got an idea on how to treat your chipped teeth? Then, hurry up and consult your dentist to enjoy a beautiful smile.

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