What is Kitchen Ventilation and What is Its Importance ?

Proper ventilation in kitchen is essential particularly while cooking food. If there is no proper ventilation, the environment in the kitchen becomes suffocating. The vapors and smoke generated from the cooking not only makes it suffocating for the cook but also causes long term health problems.

Good kitchen ventilation system improves the air flow in the kitchen while cooking. It can be done naturally or mechanically. There are many approaches to ventilation in the kitchen. Ventilation fans are one of them which remove smoke and stinky air outside. They maintain indoor air quality in the kitchen as kitchen needs more ventilation than any other rooms at home.

Importance of the kitchen ventilation:

A kitchen ventilation system is important as it removes the odors, stream, grease and other contaminants that are caused when are coking. Ventilating the kitchen while cooking will provide cleaner, healthier and pleasant smelling home with decreased levels of indoor air pollution.

  • It makes your home free of disease by giving fresh air.
  • It gives healthy and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen.
  • It controls humidity and moisture and protects you and your family from smoke.

Proper kitchen ventilation has many health benefits, hence care should be taken to impart good ventilation system.

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