Tips to Avoid Negative Peer Pressure and Substance Abuse

In addition to many other reasons for the habit of substance abuse among peers, negative peer pressure is the another reason contributing to it. Teens, more often of same age and professional group, face negative peer pressure and get influenced to use illegal drugs. However, it is very important to get out of it to avoid any dangerous effects of substance abuse in personal and social life. Here are some tips to avoid negative peer pressure for substance abuse.

Spend most of your time with positive role models. This helps to encourage you to make right choices in life. Also, make sure that you avoid friendship and contacts with those who have destructive behavior like substance abuse. Stay away from the parties arranged by such people. Or simply say no to them when they force you to take drugs or alcohol.

Self-esteem and self-confidence is the most important thing you need to develop to avoid negative peer pressure. Make yourself confident that you will not have drugs at any circumstances. Set up certain goals and achieve them to boost your self-esteem. It is often found that teens with less self-confidence are more likely to get addicted to illicit drugs. Parental help has a great role to combat negative peer pressure. Maintain an open communication with your parents and discuss any issues with respect to peer pressure. Take suggestions from them and try to follow though they seem to be difficult at initial stages. Also, remember that if you are too judgmental or react badly with parents, it is quite difficult for them to change your negative behavior.

Gain knowledge on the negative effects of substance abuse. Educate yourself about the health dangers of unhealthy habits like substance abuse, drinking and smoking. Understand the risks associated with substance abuse and their legal consequences. These tips may help you to prevent yourself from taking drugs in spite of your friends’ pressure. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme