Tips for Living with Pets Indoor

Clean indoor air is an important part of people’s lives. Exposure to contaminated indoor air increase the symptoms in the people who are suffering from respiratory illness. It is important to keep indoor air clean since most people spend their time indoors. When the weather turns cool, people come indoors and so do pets. Soon after coming from outside humans will wash their body, but pets do not, hence they contaminate the whole indoor pollution. Pet dander is one type of contaminant that is very irritating to the residents.

Some tips for improving the indoor air quality:

  • Keep out the pets from the bed room if possible, particularly out of babies and kids room. Childhood asthma is sky-rocketing and pets in bed is not a healthy idea. If pets sleep in the room, try to get it sleep on the floor and near the air filter.
  • Keep rugs near where your pet comes in and out so that their feet get wiped, and wash those rugs often.
  • Bathe your pets or have them groomed on the daily basis, this removes allergens on fur and skin. When combing out furry pets, have you air purifiers turned up.
  • Hands off is good when it comes to pet allergens. If you need to handle pets, wash hands immediately after that. Especially, in case of cats, if you touch your eyes after petting cats, it will cause irritation much faster.
  • Keep your air purifiers running for long time to keep the air you breathe free from allergens.

By following the above steps one can have a good health even while having pets at your home. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme