Common Myths on Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient technique which offers number of health benefits to humans. It solves problems related to physical, mental and spiritual problems. In one word i can say that, Yoga gives peaceful to mind and see everything in the world as a positive way by removing negative blocks from mind. However, people say that they fully understand Yoga but they don’t. They only see from just outside of the Yoga.

Given are some common myths on Yoga:

Myth: It is a form of exercise.
Fact: It is not only an exercise to improve the fitness of one’s body but also a spiritual act with the aim of uniting the emotions, mind and body.

Myth: Yoga is a religion.
Fact: It is not. Yoga is universal and is based on principles that apply to all people. But some Yoga teachers bring religion beliefs while practicing Yoga. So choose a teacher and a style that gels with you.

Myth: Yoga is costly.
Fact: Many think that Yoga is costly but it is not. Many Yoga centers are there to teach you whom do not take much money that it burden you. Some centers even do not take or charge you for Yoga because Yoga is related to arts spiritual teachings. They take only donations if anybody volunteers to give, otherwise they do not expect anything from you.

Myth: Anybody can teach Yoga.
Fact: The reason is only experienced persons in Yoga can teach the Yoga for the people in a correct and meaningful way because they know how to teach. The training must mainly concentrate on the maturity and spiritual growth of the person. The people who do not know or have experience cannot teach Yoga.

Myth: Yoga is only for Women.
Fact: It’s true that some Yoga styles are only for Women but Yoga is essential for both men and women because it is related to mind. However, Yoga was introduced and practiced by men only.

Myth: It is easy but difficult.
Fact: In Yoga, two types of activities are there. One is non-physical activities such as reading Sutras, chanting, breathing or service to others. Other type is purely physical and as strenuous as a gym workout in order to find out which one is right for you.

Myth: Yoga is only for certain aged people.
Fact: Anybody regardless of age can practice Yoga of any kind but one should select the Yoga type which suits one’s needs best.

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