How to Create and Maintain a Rose Arbor?

Adding different types of plants to your garden is not just sufficient. The garden area is made beautiful and interesting by creating a garden arbor. It provides support for climbing plants. Creative garden arbors like that of a rose arbor can be included in a garden. Have a look to know how to create and maintain a rose arbor.

The type of wood, size of the arbor and its shape should be decided in advance to create a rose arbor. More commonly cedar is used for arbors. Cut the wood to the desired height of the arbor and be careful of the measurements. Dig proper foundations for the corner posts which are placed in such a way that it forms a rectangular shape. Sand, gravel and cement are mixed in appropriate proportions and water is added to form a viscous liquid. Then a piece or log of wood of appropriate dimensions is placed in a digging hole and filled with concrete. The position of the wood should be ensured straight before the concrete gets dried. Then a ladder-like structure has to be created which makes a cross member or the roof of the arbor. Then it is properly arranged on the top of the structure. It can also be varnished to make it look better. Roses are then allowed to grow along the arbor. You can also plant rose bushes along the sides of the arbor.

It is required to look for proper maintenance to keep the rose arbor beautiful. The rose bushes may tend to mound up instead of growing up along the arbor. So, you need to place certain bamboo shoots in the rose bush so as to twist the vines around. Once they twine along the arbor, you need to prune them. However, remember that roses should be pruned only after the end of the blooming season. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme