How to Maintain Different Fabrics

Fabrics are the most important things in our life as they serve the most basic need of clothing. It is not only important to buy the latest varieties but also necessary to maintain them in a proper way. Following are the different types of fabrics and tips to maintain them properly.

Cotton:This is the most common fabric. In particular this fabric needs much maintenance to retain its look and texture. It is better to hand wash them instead of machine washing and if you put some starch the fabric looks well with its perfect texture.

Silk: The fabric which is used most extensively after cotton is silk. There are lot of varieties in silk like the chiffon, satin silk, jacquard and so on. They all need a similar kind of maintenance as below. They are easy to wash and hence you can hand wash them in cool water. Rinse until the water drains out and press with low heat.

Linen: For linen, machine wash is preferable and the water used in the machine should be less than 50 degrees centigrade. It is better to use non chlorine washing powders to stop the fabric going yellow. Don’t dry the fabric in hot sun since it shrinks easily.

Wool: Wool is a very delicate fabric and should not be washed with chlorine based products. Check the label on the apparel and wash it accordingly. If it is saying hand washable, use wool washing detergent and with out soaking. Scrub gently and rinse well in luke warm water, squeeze little and again rinse in cold water. Dry the clothing using a towel but not twist it.

Cashmere: This is also a very delicate fabric. Since the clothing made from this fabric does not get dirty very easily you can wash it after using 2-3 times. For this fabric also, use special wool washing powders and wash it in machine with an optimum speed. Rinse carefully in cold water until it becomes clear.

These are the few tips which help you in maintaining that particular fabrics properly.

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