Meditation in Yoga Improves Concentration

Yoga has many techniques and postures which helps in improving the wellness of both physical and mental health of the individual. Among all, meditation is said to be the most easy and the beneficial technique to improve our concentration levels. Many studies have proven the same thing in respect to yoga.

According to the study conducted by American College of Sports Medicine, regular yoga practice heightens the concentration and improves the motivation in a very short time as eight weeks. They also examined other benefits of yoga which go beyond strength and flexibility.

The practice of meditation purifies the mind and hence increases the concentration. During meditation one intentionally focuses on one object, such as breath, mantra, chakra center or an internal visualized image. The moment one gets complete concentration on that image and the moment he can focus completely on that without any distractions he is said to have succeeded and he tends to concentrate in the same way on the remaining things too. This way yoga improves the concentration power of the person.

Regular practice of the same technique increases the focus and it becomes easier for the brain’s energy to be focused on one particular spot. Once a person gets used to it he tends to see every thing from that angle and hence concentrates more. The concentration energy of the mind will be aided and further increases if one gives full attention to the things. This way one can control the flow of thoughts and hold the mind steadily on one particular thing. And hence yoga became one of the greatest keys to success.

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