Planning to Buy a Carpet -Follow These Steps

Everybody love to decorate their houses with huge variety of products available in the market. One among the different things which makes your home more colorful is the Carpet. Since it gives a rich and aesthetic look to your room extra care and precautions should be taken while purchasing them.

Here are few factors one has to keep it mind before buying a carpet.

Size: Always check the size of your floor where you exactly want to place your carpet. In general common carpet sizes are 9 foot, 12 foot and 15 foot. Just decide which size is apt for your room and go.

Cost: Even though this factor depends on your budget but still don’t go for very low cost carpets. This is because carpets are purchased once, and hence they need to have greater durability. You can buy a better carpet in your own budget.

Quality: The quality of the carpet should be given the highest priority. Some stain resistant carpets are available in the market, so it is better to go for them than the ordinary ones. Carpets made of polyester are popular for stain resistance. Also go for a good quality pad so that the life of your carpet extends.

Color: The color of the carpet also effects the durability of the carpet. Never ever go for light colored ones because they can easily show off any dirt and dust. Go for some darker shades so that they don’t need any extra care.

Placement: Your carpet stays for a longer time if you place it in an area with less traffic. So select the area in the house where the people will be moving less frequently and place it there.

It is fun buying things, but, maintaining them in a proper way is also very essential. Vacuum your carpet regularly and clean the dirty areas with some detergent solution to make it stay for a longer time.

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