Public Liability Insurance – Business Insurance Guide

The public liability insurance cover is necessary if your business has visitors like members of the public, clients or customers at your business premises. Even if you run a home-based business where customers are required to visit your home, then consider taking insurance of this type might be a good idea.

Public liability insurance can protect a business from claims made against you by members of the public if injured by you or your business operation. It will cover the loss for damage of third party property while on business. The cover includes all the legal expenses, compensations for claims which is resulted from your negligence made by a third party. Here third party refers to any member of a public except your employees. You need to get employer’s liability insurance for your own employees.

Have a look on some of the examples of public liability insurance claims:
If you are running a hotel business, a customer while entering into your hotel trips up on a wet flooring in your hotel. The customer claims for injuries sustained as a result of the badly maintained floor. If you carry public liability insurance then your insurance company will give compensation for the claimant and would cover your business for such frequent unexpected claims.

If you are constructing your business property, then accidentally a house beside your construction site got damaged while carrying out some plumbing or construction work. Then your public liability insurance cover would cover all the expenses of the loss or damaged property of the third party.

Thus, there are many benefits of taking public liability insurance. Now a question arises, how much cover do I need? The level or limit of cover you will need depends on the risks involved in your business. For example, horse riding businesses are legally required or mandatory to have public liability insurance due to the inherent risk of injury. Thus companies operating in certain sectors will allow clients to do business only after submission of proof of possessing public liability insurance. Get a right cover of public liability insurance from a reputed brokerage, which include all the covers relevant to your business. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme