Multi-panel Drug test Cups – Know How to Use

Multi-panel drug test cups involve a one step immunoassay process for the qualitative detection of multiple drugs and drug metabolites in human urine. These cups work on the principle of competitive immunoassay-chemical reaction between a drug protein conjugate present in the device, and the drug or drug metabolites which may present in the sample. Compared to the drug test strips, these cups are much helpful as they avoid the inconvenience of spilling of the sample and also eases the work of drug testing. Let us see how to use these drug test cups for detecting the drug abuse.

  • If the drug testing kit or the specimen or any of the testing apparatus is stored in a refrigerator, they should be pulled out and allow them to come to room temperature before testing.
  • Don’t open the sealed pouch until you are ready to perform the test.
  • Once the person is ready to give the sample and everything is arranged, remove the test cup from the sealed pouch.
  • Now give the cup to the individual to be tested and ask him to get the sample. Also make sure that it is above the minimum level.
  • Ask him to return immediately once the specimen is collected as the results should be read within 5 minutes.
  • Once the cup is with you, remove the tear-off label and read the results.
  • The test results can be read by comparing the color of the reagent pads to the corresponding blocks on the Color Chart at the indicated time.
  • Do not read the results after 10 minutes, try to read them in 5 minutes to get accurate results.

If the sample is adulterated it results in abnormal color response and a proper, unadulterated sample will always produce normal color response.

Two colored lines each in the Test region(T) and Control region(C) indicate negative results and a single colored line in the C region indicates positive results. If there is only one line in the T region, then the test is invalid. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme