Tips to Plan a Wedding That’s Three Months Away

Is your wedding just three months away? Don’t get worried on how to plan for your big day. It may seem that you cannot have a dream wedding if you have less time for its preparations. However, it’s not true. Perfect wedding plan and implementation of right things at the right time helps you to make your big day more memorable.

Prepare a pre-wedding preparations list first. It includes major things like the venue, invitations, attire and favors. Also, include the decoration, photographer and catering services in this list. Gather information with regard to these things and choose the best services. Take help from your friends and family in preparing the list and plan accordingly. Choosing a wedding theme upfront makes most of your job easy. Decide the theme based on the season – different seasons demand different themes. Ideas for many things like decoration, invitations and so on linked with wedding theme can be selected easily based on your wedding theme.

Better organization helps you save a lot of time. Make separate file folders for each wedding element, like flowers, wedding dress, food, the cake and so on to store the tear sheets from magazines, brochures and catalogs. You can compile a master contact information list on your computer so that you need not search for anything.

Choosing a wedding planner can relax you well if the wedding date is only three months to go. However, it is your part to choose the best wedding planner. Provide all the necessary details such as your names, numbers and addresses of people you want to invite, and so on to the planner to get the arrangements done in your desired way. Whether you go for a wedding planner or do everything on your own, stay cool and be focused to finish the important wedding preparations.

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