Benefits of Drug Testing During Recruitment Process

Even in developed countries like US, the number of people using these illicit drugs are increasing with the increased number of population. There are so many reasons for a person to get addicted to the drugs. So, it became an mandatory option for the employer to check whether the person he is going to recruit is free from drug abuse. These drug tests benefits the employer and the employee for many reasons. Following are few benefits of drug testing for the new employees.

Healthy Environment: This is what is necessary to have in a corporate environment or any office environment. Unlike other substances like alcohol and tobacco, these drugs stay in the system for long hours and some times days and shows negative impact on the working area. It not only affects the persons personal works but also disturbs entire environment of the office. Hence drug testing is helpful in eliminating such kind of persons upfront.

Reduces Absenteeism: Drug abuse often leads to severe health complications and hence the person who is abusing them will tend to fall sick, and takes leaves very frequently. As a result the number of working days get decreased and hence the productivity of the company. So, drug testing eliminates these kind of people at the entry level itself and helps in taking healthy candidates to work.

Decreased number of work related accidents: Accidents, these are the things which happen unconditionally with out any warning. But some of them will happen due to human error also. One of the reasons for accidents due to human error is drug abuse. It affects the persons mind very badly that he don’t know what he is doing under its influence. This may become a major reason for the accident to happen. Hence drug testing helps in eliminating such things.

More productive employees: Finally, using these drug testing process an organization will get the suitable people. Those people who are free from illicit use of drugs and who can do some productive work will be taken at the end of the day.

Keeping these benefits in mind every organization is necessarily conducting these tests even though it is a bit expensive. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme