How to Handle Pain While Wearing Braces?

A patient with braces in orthodontic treatment can get pains whenever he or she visits to the orthodontist for braces tightening, adjusting or fixing it but brace tightening is a daunting task and gives you hours of pain regardless of your first time sitting or last time sitting. It is so painful that it gives headache, rashes on gums, irritation to the teeth. In order to minimize the pain as much as possible, follow the following instructions.

  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water which gives relief from pain because of natural healing properties.
  • Pain relievers suggested by orthodontist also help you in relieving the pain.
  • Ice product is the best one which is suitable for numbing the painful area and relax you for some time.
  • Try to distract yourself by having or involving in the another activity.
  • Anbesol and orajel helps in making your mouth dumb by which you can temporarily relieve your pain.
  • Using dental wax on your brackets (braces) also helps you in preventing pain.
  • Try toothpaste that reduces the pain for some time.

Prevention is the best way in order to avoid pain. However if you feel it unbearable with the pain caused by tightening the brace, immediately consult the orthodontist.

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