Tips for Innovative Sourcing

Innovative sourcing is nothing but using the latest technology to choose, communicate and hire people. Days are gone when companies asked the candidates to apply for the mentioned post by sending an application and there by contacting them when their profile suits their requirement. Every step in the recruitment process needs to be innovative and quick so that the company will not loose any right candidates. Following are the few tips for innovative resourcing which helps the managers in making effective hiring.

Before calling the candidates for the required positions, make sure that you are clear on what is required. If necessary take the help of your recruiting manager or the team manager, for whose team there is a requirement and get some inputs from them. Checking the working style and the profiles of the successful employees also helps in matching their profile to the desired candidates profile. This way by using multiple methods make sure that you are clear on what you are looking for.

After building the strategy, now its time to use different means of technology in order to find the desired profile you are looking for. Try to choose the places where the people spend most of their time when they are free. May they be different websites, chat rooms, or other social networking sites. A little research will help you to find such places where you can find the candidates either looking for a job change or don’t have an idea of changing the job. You can post your message in such places in such a way that it should attract both kind of candidates and can be able to bring the candidates from the competitors company.

You can also use emails, news, enticements, and even the voice contacts to establish a contact between you and the person. So make sure that you are contacting a right person and making a move according to it. Frequent communication helps in maintaining a rapport with the candidate and hence avoids loosing the candidate.

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