Tips to Recruit the Right Employee for your Organization

Every organization needs the right employees for better performance. But it is not an easy task to find and recruit the right employee. The recruiting of the right employee is a skillful art, it requires skillful techniques. Recruitment is basically of two types – one is, recruitment conducted by the recruitment service providers, who conduct the recruitment process on behalf of the organization to select efficient candidates for the organization. Another type is self recruitment, here company directly recruits the right candidates. In this type, the candidates are directly interviewed by the senior mangers and HR managers of the organization.

The recruitment process is not a single step process, it requires time and patience of the candidates as well as the recruiters. The interview is a step wise process. The below are the few steps in the interview process which ensure the recruitment of the right candidate.

Structural Interview: In this interview they give some structured questions to the candidates, which are based on the competency and performance. From this interview, they analyze the candidates skills and capabilities. They shortlist the candidates based on their performance.

Interview on Personality Profile: This is also called as psychometric test, here they check for the candidate’s motivational skills, interpersonal skills, workplace abilities and personal values. Most of the companies conduct this test to avoid the fake proofs of candidate capabilities.

Reference Check Process: Here they check the reference details, generally past and present employees and managers giving the references.

Don’t forget, right employee is the resource of the business organization. Right employees generate good performance which benefit the organization. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme