Yoga to Reduce Hypertension Using Simple Techniques

Hypertension which is also called as high blood pressure is termed as an silent killer since it does not show any symptoms or signs. They usually represent the pressure built in the arteries and hence affects the functioning of heart. It should be considered serious because it is one of the prominent reasons for the diseases such as stroke, heart attack, coronary artery disease and sometimes death.

It is always better to cure it in the starting stages since it becomes severe and complicated in the later stages. Even though there are many medicines which can normalize the level of the blood pressure by taking one pill per day, natural ways like yoga and exercise prove to be effective since they are treating the disorder from the root cause. The main causes of hypertension are stress, emotional disturbances, hereditary, race, climatic conditions, obesity, smoking and alcohol intake. When these problems are successfully avoided and eradicated then there is no need to worry about high blood pressure and its negative effects.

Yoga and meditation are the two most effective and the natural methods to cope with the situation of hypertension. One can practice easy techniques such as bending the body and touching the toe, stretching the body in both the way, rotating both the arms in clockwise and anti clock wise, and so on. They are termed as minor warm ups in yoga and one can practice them daily with out any doubts. These simple tips are most effective when practiced consistently and are much helpful for the people suffering with hypertension.

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