Creative Lawn Décor with Homemade Items

A plain and simple lawn can be boring to look at. It can be made more interesting and beautiful with decorative pieces. Don’t just get worried of the expensive ideas of lawn décor. There are even many simple ways to add beauty to the lawn with homemade items through creative ideas.

Central lawn decorations act as a focal point for the lawn or a yard. You can keep objects like child’s wagon, a large wagon or even a simple wagon wheel. You can fill them completely with pumpkins, potted chrysanthemums, and even bales of hay.

Corn stalks are dried and yellow husks from the summer corn crops. They serve the ideal traditional décor for your lawn. Collect clumps of corn stalks from your farmer or purchase them. The stalks can be made to stand upright and they can be twined tightly around the center. Simply disguise the tied knot with a decorative and colorful ribbon. You can set the stalk in the lawn near your front door. Also arrange pumpkins, dried corn, scarecrow, and other decorative items around the bottom of the stalk to enhance its elegance.

Whimsical baskets, old Christmas stars, kid’s toys, plant pots or milk jugs, etc. can be used to design decorative arts and add beauty to the lawn. You can even make stylish homemade lawn ornaments like copper tree with copper tubing, strands of crystal beads and prisms. Also, you can add bits of broken ceramics, mosaic tiles, and glass cabochons, to a plain bowling ball and turn it into a mosaic and colorful one. Designing a rock wall is another great idea to enhance your lawn beauty. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme