Five Proven Wedding Makeup Tips

To women, wedding day is a very important day. Not only is the bride going to be joining herself to a man for life, but she has to do so in front of an entire lot of people gathered at the function. She is the glittering personality at the function; that is why everyone eyes are on her. So she has to look her best on that day. Makeup is an essential part of the beautification process on the special day. It is, however, important for a bride to know some important makeup tips that she finds very helpful.

Following are five wedding makeup tips for brides:

1) The wedding gown should not be worn while putting on makeup: Wait until the makeup has been applied before putting on the wedding dress. This avoids the risk of stains falling on the dress before the ceremony.

2) Use sunscreen: If your wedding is planned outside, it is essential that every bride should use a sunscreen with SPF 30. Using it on the face, arms, or any exposed areas on the skin can prevent sunburn and subsequently skin that is too pink.

3) Use waterproof mascara: Weddings are infamous for making the onset of tears. Using waterproof mascara will prevent the makeup from streaming down her face. Two coats of waterproof mascara will be adequate to prevent tears.

4) Use foundation to even out the skin tone: The color of the bride’s face should not be too different from the rest of her exposed skin, such as neck and arms. Using foundation that matches her complexion is a good way to combat that situation.

5) Use a brighter lipstick: Using a colorful lipstick brightens up the bride’s look and keeps her from appearing too bland. Use a lipstick that is moderate in look.

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