Tips for Choosing A Wedding Cakes on a Budget

The Wedding cake is the most important in a wedding. It is the centerpiece of the wedding reception and aside from the bride, features in more photographs than almost anything else. However, wedding cake is the most costly that can increase your budget.

Below are the tips for choosing a wedding cake in a budget:

Suppose if you don’t have enough budgets then just have the wedding cake as part of the meal. There is no need of displaying the traditional cake that is served for the same purpose as the wedding cake. You can serve white chocolate cake decorated with full of fruits and nuts and flowers to the guests and also it can be a centerpiece.

Buy a simple iced cake available in different flavors and sizes. If you select three flavors and each of different size then you can make a layered cake by stacking them using cake stands. Then you arrange this cake with ribbons, shiny metal sheets, fruits etc. according to your wish. It will look like a classic cake but inexpensive.

Instead of buying flowers separately for decorating cakes, buy some more flowers while ordering flowers for your entire wedding. This will reduce some amount of money on the cakes.

Buy fake cakes to place on the small wedding cake. This is needs when you wanted to place the cake as a centerpiece of the wedding. Suppose your small cake is enough to feed for all the guests who are attended to your wedding, then there is no need of going for a larger cake which is costlier. So, here you can reduce the cost of the cake.

Whenever you are budgeting for your cake, don’t forget to decide how you are going to serve it. Suppose you wanted to send some piece of cake with your guests then consider the cake boxes as well as cake itself.

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