Types of food for the fish to eat

There are many species of fish that have different types of tastes. But the owner of the pet fish should know about what kind of fish it is or what it likes to eat. Only then can you feed your fish with a proper diet otherwise your fish can die. To maintain good health of yours pet fish there are many foods available for feeding. Many commercial foods are available for the fishes to feed but it should enriched with vitamins, nutrients, live food and trace elements.

Below are various types of food items that fish eat:

  • Dried fish food is more popular and available in the form of tablets, flakes, pellets and sticks. These foods are artificially manufactured.
  • Vacation fish food is used when the owner is going out on vacation. You can keep the food in one part of the aquarium where it will releases a small quantity of food every day.
  • Prepared fish food is a food prepared by the aquarists which it is already in the form of consumption.
  • Frozen fish food is the food which includes mosquito larvae, worms, blood worms, water fleas and brine shrimps.
  • Medicated fish food is the food which contains medicine in it and it is one of the best ways to provide medication to the fish.
  • Live food is the food which includes brine shrimp, earth worms, sludge worms, feeder fish, larvae, and micro worms.

Make sure that you give the sufficient amount of food to the fish other wise fishes can overfeed the food you supplied and can cause death.

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