Tips on Vehicle Maintenance

Many people neglect to maintain their vehicles and take care only when there is need of service or repair. In this situation, they have to spend a lot of money to get their car right. If you want to protect and keep your car in good condition, follow the vehicle maintenance tips mentioned below:

  • Always follow the car owner’s manual which helps you keep your car in good condition.
  • Check the condition of engine oil every month and if find oil contaminated, change the oil. Remember that oil in the fuel tank should be above the minimum mark and below the maximum level mark.
  • Make sure that the brake fluid in your car is at right level. If you want to change the fluid, take help of professionals.
  • Try to keep your car interior and exterior clean.
  • Maintain the battery terminals clean, otherwise dirt is formed which gives you trouble when starting.
  • Check your car regularly to know its status.
  • Try to maintain your car tires with required pressure. This will extend your car life.
  • Brake pads have a tendency to wear out early. Replace it with new brake pads when they are worn out without delay.
  • Always check the coolant levels in engine up to the right mark otherwise it result severe damage to engine.
  • Inspect the warning signals in your car. If they are not working properly, repair them immediately because it gives the information of car when something is going to happen wrong.
  • Depending on the usage of wiper blades, change at least once in every six months.
  • If you see any scratches on the body of the car, immediately you take your car to the service center for repairing, otherwise rust will be formed at that spot.

Follow these tips to keep your car in a tip top condition.

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