Importance of Room Vents

Vents are also one of the components of roof that provide proper ventilation to keep you and your family comfortable, healthy and protected. The main function of vents is that they prevent formation of moisture in your home that can lead to severe problems or damage to your home.

Many owners will not look at vents while constructing the roofs. If vents are not constructed on the roof, there can be a chance of structural damage to the roof as well as both inside the house. If vents are there and are not functioning properly, this is also one of the reasons that can cause structural damage both to the roof as well as interior of the house.

Ventilation allows air to flow from in and out of a space or room of a building. It will also help maintain temperature of the room same as the outside air. A well maintained roof vent helps you stay home comfortable, healthy and protected.

There are many advantages of having room vents on the roof:

  • Vents help prevent ice damming in winter.
  • Vents extend the life of your roof shingles/ tiles by keeping the roof cooler even in hot or humid weather.
  • They reduce your energy savings.
  • Vents circulate fresh air inside and escapes hot humid air to outside
  • Vents prevent building of moisture and growth of fungus in the house.

If there are no roof vents, your energy costs rise because it is harder to heat and cool your home, but also fungus can start to build up. And in extreme circumstances, wood can rot. Ice dams and other blockages can form leading to structural damage which can be expensive to fix. Roof vents can be installed with the help of local roofing contractor. He can design well ventilation system for your roof.

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