Avoid Scams While Buying a Used Car

Used cars are inexpensive and good value for money. But while purchasing a used car, make sure to avoid scams, because without taking precautions you may land yourself amid scamsters. Used car buying scams cost customers in millions every year. These scams affect the buyer legally or economically or both. We discuss points to consider while purchasing, and measures to avoid.

Salesmen scams
Watch out for car salesman scams. For example, they may say that the color is not available, it is a very demanding model, only a few of them are available, etc., so that you purchase the car. Do not trust the words of salespeople. Research well, check carefully and be patient until you get the best used car.

Bait and switch
Some sellers or dealers give advertisements like ‘selling used car at a great price’. After seeing the ad, when the customer personally goes to the seller/dealer, the latter say that the car is sold out and they have another car for sale which is a bit expensive. The reason to advertise is, only to attract the customers. If you find such advertisements, first call the seller/dealer, and ask them to send an email regarding the car availability and photos.

Generally the loan term and the actual total payment increases. Dealers/sellers will hide lucrative back end products and will never let the customer know about it. It is better to negotiate on the overall price and the separate negotiation of each transaction.

Odometer fraud
The odometer in the car can easily be manipulated. Even digital odometers can be manipulated with the new less expensive software. It is difficult to find a odometer fraud. Check with the vehicle maintenance records and odometer readings.

Parts replacements
Some buyers will buy the car without asking any question about repairs or parts replacements. But, it is very important to check whether the repairs are done by manufacturer authorized mechanic or a private mechanic.

Curb-stoning means repeatedly buying and selling of motor vehicles. It is without any dealer license. Some of the vehicles involved in such deals might have minor problems. This practice is illegal. Some people say that the car is registered in other state so the title is not available. Check for the driving license and car’s title. If they do not match, don’t buy the car.

For many people buying a car is an exiting movement. But, you need to be very careful as to avoid scams while buying a used car. Research thoroughly. Make sure to consider these points before buying.

Updated: September 17, 2013 — 8:03 am
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