What To Look For While Renting A Car?

Renting and leasing sound similar, but renting is totally different from leasing. Renting a car means renting it for few hours or a one full day, while leasing means using the car for a long period of time.

Renting a car has its own benefits like, you can take your family to a local trip or attend a meeting or a wedding, etc. But, before you rent a car you need to be very careful on certain things, which we discuss below.

Size and comfort of the car – You can rent a luxurious or a new car, but make sure that it is comfortable for you and your family during the entire journey. Sometimes charges are more if you choose a car with more comforts. Try to evaluate and make the best choice.

Search online – Today there are many options available online. Compare the cost, size, quality, model, rent of each car on different websites. It will make it easy for you to choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Maintain good driving record – Renting companies will check the driving record of the person who is taking the car for rent. Companies rent car to only those people who have good driving records, no violence of law, no track records of accidents, etc.

Insurance cover options – Some companies provide insurance cover with limited options, therefore see to it that you choose a company that offer maximum insurance benefits.

Inquiry about taxes and payments – Before renting a car, get information related to amount to be paid in terms of hours and any taxes included in rent. Any extra charges if vehicle is returned after the time limit. For example, renting a car at airport has additional charges along with rent.

Also ask for fuel charges, as some companies or owners rent the car with full tank and when the car is returned they ask the customers to return it with full tank. Sometimes, charges may be calculated based on number of miles traveled, check for charges of some renting companies and choose the one that fits in your budget.

Authorized person – Before renting a car, check the companies/owners previous records, as you will get to know if they are reliable and trustworthy. Because some companies/owners are involved in some cases of cheating people.

It is important to check the above things mentioned before you rent a car, so that you want repent on your decision.

Updated: March 18, 2015 — 4:49 am
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