Car Cleaning Tips

Different people use different types of car cleaning methods depending on availability of the material and their previous experience, or as said by their friends. After washing, a car looks good to clean. Here are tips for car washing.

  • Useful tips cleaning the car:
    • Do not wipe or dust the car body with a dry cloth. The dirt or dust particles can can scratch the paint.
    • When you are washing the car with cool water in the direct sunlight, the heated car body contract with the cool water and the paints get cracks and ruined. So do not wash in the direct sunlight. Park in a shade and wash.
    • Wash the car with making schedule and follow it. It will help to clean one by one section clearly without forgetting anything.
    • Close all the windows and sun roof. Spray little at the edges of them and then check for any leakages is there.
    • Start washing from top to bottom. Otherwise, your have to do work more.
    • Cleaning with foam guns helps needs no usage of water with bouquet.
    • Use the commercial car cleaning products only. Other products may harm the paint. Unless you have clear about the personal solution to the car cleaning, do not use it.
    • Use of cotton cloths and the old brushes helps to get into the small corners and can clean them.
    • Use a piece of sponge to rub the car body. It will gently clean the car without damaging the car paint and can clean the dust particulars.
    • The hair conditioner that contains lanolin will give the shiny to your car.
    • If the car stay in rain, keep a cloth at the bottom of the windshield to protect the hood paint, and pour the cola on the over the glass and clean it. It will rid off from the dust.
    • Remember where can dust go store especially in the corners of the car. Clean it properly. And, do not forget the under body of the car.
    • Polish the head lights with window cleaner by rubbing with soft cloth gently.
    • When the windshield wiper blades are dirty and streak the glass, make the solution of one fourth cup household ammonia to one quarter cold water. Lift the blades and wipe with soft cloth or paper on both sides as soaked. Before lowering the blades wipe the blades with dry cloth.
    • Avoid the air drying of the car. Clean with a dry cloth after the washing is completed. Otherwise the water marks will remains on the car exterior after dry.
    • Dry the windows and mirrors first.

At the regular intervals of washing car a coat of wax or sealer. It gives the best protection because it binds with the paint. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme