Driving Safety Tips in Bad Weather

Weather can not be controllable as well as unavoidable. When there is any bad weather have to drive in a car must have to follow some safety tips. Even for an experienced driver also bad weather will be a big obstacle to travel when the driver did not take any precautions. Now we will see some safety tips which can helpful almost every bad weather condition.

  • Preparation: Preparation is very important to face weather. If there are any signs or warnings about the weather prepare with commonsense especially when you are planning for a long trip. Some other suggested things are proper clothing as per weather, flashlight, blanket, food and water, jumper cables, traction mats and keep at least half tank of fuel.
  • Inspection of vehicle: Check the important parts if required check with a mechanic. Keep a spare of tire. The parts like tires, lights, fluid and blades. Otherwise have to ask some other people during the journey.
  • Speed limits: Speed limits are very important. Most of the drivers are faced accidents while they driving high speed. Controllable speed will always give the time to take proper decision. It helps both you and the other drivers in case of other cars are in event of occurrence.
  • Space between Vehicles: Allow more space between your vehicle and others vehicle. It will helps to escape easily from a harmful event.
  • Steering: Keep control your steering on roads especially in heavy rain and ice. Do not try for sudden and sharp moves it will cause to loose the steering control.
  • Brake: Do not try for sudden and forceful moves in bad weather. If you need to stop the car apply the breaks lightly. It will helps you to do not lose the control, locking your tires and can avoid slippery conditions.
  • Road signs: Many drivers are ignore the signs which are kept at the road side by authorities. So many of them are get into troubles because of ignorance. So it is simple to obey the signs and is a very effective tip.
  • Take extra care when on the bridges and the highway overpasses. Because of they are with black ice and many vehicle drivers lost their control on these places.
  • Mountains are very dangerous weather spots. In case of ice mountains do not stop at avalanche spots.

In many cases the safety is in your decisions. Do not try for luck at all. Estimate properly about the weather, road and your vehicle capabilities. If you got stuck in any storm or blizzard and the situation is out of control get off from the road and choose a best nearest place. If there is any problem the preparation step will helpful.

Updated: October 8, 2013 — 6:26 am
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