Hail Storm Driving Tips

Some hail storms are huge and it is difficult to drive during such circumstances, while some are small and they don’t cause much inconvenience. If the impact of the hail storm is severe then there are chances of crack or break of windshield. Here are some tips to stay safe while driving into a hail storm.

  • Do not drive unless it is necessary: If you know that there are chances of hail storm, avoid driving. Or if the storm has just started wait until it has stopped and then drive. Listen to the warnings and advices given in the radio or any news media.
  • Don’t drive: Don’t drive when you are in a hail storm. Turn on the low beam head lights when you are driving in the storm. Pull off the car from the road and park it in a safer place. By parking your vehicle in a safer place there won’t be much damage to your car.
  • Don’t get panic: When a sense of fear sets in, it will automatically build negative thoughts. It is very dangerous. Do not get panic when you are facing the hail storm. Be calm and stay inside the vehicle.
  • Parking: Park your vehicle in a safe place like a garage or car parking areas. If you are on the road and there is no parking available, keep it to the side of the road. Do not park the car under trees or power lines.
  • Don’t leave the vehicle: Do not leave the vehicle when you are in the storm. If you have parked it in a safer place, you can get down. If you are in the middle of the storm and you are out of the vehicle, the hail storm can severely injure you. Staying inside the car will give you protection against the hail storm.
  • Other safety tips:
    • Don’t get down from the car.
    • Stay inside the car.
    • Keep yourself away from glasses and windows.
    • Cover your eyes with a piece of cloth.
    • Keep your face down and bend towards floor.
    • If possible get down on floor facing your face down.
    • Keep your children under you and cover them.
    • Turn on the low beam headlights.
    • Allow extra distance between other cars for braking.
    • If you find any glass damage remove it carefully.
    • Cover the damage area to prevent water and further damage to car interiors.

Updated: March 18, 2015 — 4:51 am
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