Tips to Find a Good Mechanic on the Internet

Finding a good mechanic is a common challenge for most automobile users. Some of them are first buyers, and some people using from far but they are unable to find a good mechanic. In the past it is really a question mark. We need to know through word of mouth by the people who are regular customers for such mechanic. But now this is just a few touchscreen taps or a few mouse clicks away. Here are some tips to work on different sites to find a good mechanic in your area. But remember this is not exact science. Sometimes a highly rated mechanic shop might disappoint. It helps to know the others experience with that shop. So might be a good one for you too.

  • Google: Google has a big database. It can yield plenty of search results. It contains both near to you and from the remaining world. So you need to do extra filtering to find the exact results for you. In the Google search bar type ‘auto repair shops near’ and at the end give you ZIP code. It will display a number of search results. Ignore the advertisements or sponsored advertisements at the top of the page. About half way down the repair shops will appear with their addresses. Google has its own scoring and review system.
  • Message boards: Some enthusiast message boards are particularly dedicated to a car model or car make. These will have forum threads which are by the discussions of the members. So you can find independent repair shops and local dealerships with those threads. Forum members give their recommendation or experiences as they do.
  • Yelp: helps people connect to businesses. It also has auto repair reviews. The site is free and has mobile apps and mobile website version. In the Yelp search field type auto repair and enter your or required area ZIP code. Based on highest rate, most reviewed and distance you can filter the results. Your goal should be to find the balance between a substantial reviews and a good rating.

You can spot misleading reviews with yelp algorithm, but sometimes if they undetected, they can slip. So it is not good to trust in one review. Look for the reviews that give users experiences plenty. Sometimes the owner of the mechanic shop will reply to the review.
This response may be either an apology or defense if the review was a negative or a thank you if the review is good. If the reviews are good fine. In case of negative response, the owner apology is there, we have to understand the owner is taking care of reputation for his business.

There are so many other sources in the internet like yellow pages, forums etc. Many consumers are writing the reviews and their experiences with that mechanic shops or dealerships. Check the best and nearest one.

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