Staying Away From Unhealthy Habits For Pregnant Woman

Pregnant women with unhealthy diet can put their unborn child at a higher risk of developing negative health issues for the child as well as the mother. During pregnancy there are certain things to avoid, which are mentioned below:

  • Alcohol: The food or drink a pregnant woman eats or drinks goes to the baby through the placenta, so if alcohol is consumed during pregnancy it will pass on to the baby and will remain in the baby’s body much longer than your body. Consuming alcohol by pregnant woman has high risk of miscarriages. Alcohol can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome that can further cause poor birth weight, heart problems, mentally retarded growth and also facial deformities. Even a small quantity can affect baby’s brain development.
  • Smoking: Tobacco smoke has chemicals that are poisonous and if smoked it will pass in to your blood thereby affecting the blood of your baby. Smoking can also increase the risk of miscarriages, retarded growth of the baby which can also lead to premature deliveries and poor birth weight. Even after the baby is born, the child is at a higher risk of chest infections, asthma, etc.
  • Medications: Some medicines can cause problems to the pregnant women while some are safe like paracetamol with normal dosage can be helpful for backaches, headaches that are common during pregnancy. Many of us are not sure about the medicines that can be unsafe in pregnancy. When pregnant one should minimize intake of medicines. Whenever you are consulting a physician or dentist make sure to mention that you are pregnant.Ibuprofen that is anti-inflammatory should not be taken during pregnancy as it can affect blood vessels of the unborn baby. Antihistamine if needed, the safest one to be taken during pregnancy is chlorphenamine as it has a long record of safety. Thus it can make some people drowsy, if any alternative required it is better to see a doctor.

    Laxative may be required in pregnancy as there can be a problem of constipation. Trying out some diet that is rich in fiber can be helpful to solve the problem or you can switch on to fluids that are non-alcoholic. If still the problem persists, you may need to see the doctor. Certain laxatives like lactulose or docusate for short time may be prescribed.

During pregnancy it is very important to keep yourself away from unhealthy habits and stick to healthy habits for the well being of you and your child.

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