Roof Checking Tips before Buying a Home

Purchasing a home, whether upgrading from current one to new or the first one is an overwhelming prospect. Many factors need to consider at the same time such as the integrity of the structure, the layout, the neighborhood and the price etc. Along with them roof checking is one of the important to consider. If you properly checked the roof, it will save you a big amount. There are different roofing materials; we will see each of them.

Clay tile roofing: These can last for more than twenty years. In the clay roofing, you need to check for the underlayment (i.e. waterproof coating on roof base). Find out if there are any cracked or broken tiles. Broken tiles allow more UV rays and water to reach underlayment and it leads to decrease the performance. If you find there is any debris (dirt, leaves, branches etc.) on the roof, means that it is there for years. It blocks the water and increase the worn rate.

Asphalt shingle roofing: The asphalt shingle roofs can last between fifteen to twenty years depending on their grade and thickness. The asphalt base protects the granules (sandy, hard part of shingle roof) from UV rays. The roof will deteriorate fast once they are worn out. If there are any loose granules in large amount, the tipping point for the roof is near. Check on the roof itself, near spouts and gutters. When the tips of asphalt lift up, curls will occur. The shingles are normally positioned as flat, if you find it is not like that, the roof is near to its end. If the roof material becomes too brittle, split shingles will occur. If you find this on the roof, that needs to be replaced.

Foam roofing: These roofing last for ten to fifteen years. Re-coating may extend its life span for ten or more years and is the cost effective factor. Pour a little water on the roof and check after one or two days. If the water is at one spot, means roof significantly under perform. If the owners use patio furniture on the roof, it will cause for holes on the surface. Over a time, these will cause for leaking. The foam roofs are generally painted white. This paint absorbs the heat of the sun. If it is appearing as yellow, it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Metal roofing: If you maintain properly, metal roofing may long last for nearly forty years. Give a light tug at the edge of the roof, you can find an issue when the roof is loose. Dull roof without a coating or evidence of rust are the signs for that roof has been not caring well. Check for broken bits of the metal.

If the manufacturing quality of the roof is of low quality, it will cause for lasts less period than the expected. Ask the homeowner who did the job and research on that company before you come for a decision. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme