Tips to Design SEO Friendly Website for Auto Dealership Businesses

Today, there are numerous websites available to search for automobile dealerships. Very rarely people type the website of the auto dealership firm. Mostly, they use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. So, to stand on the first few pages of these websites is very important. This is possible with search engine optimization for the auto dealership website. Following are some tips to design SEO friendly websites.

  • Keyword research and optimization: Make sure that meta descriptions, meta title, meta tags, and page title are keyword friendly. Find in the content of the website for the keywords and do some research for more clear about the required keywords for your auto dealership website. This is one of the important step to better SEO optimization.
    • Page title: Google only shows sixty five characters of the title, so remember while giving the title to the page. The page title preferably one of the main keywords and should be keyword friendly.
    • Meta keywords: The meta keywords are the keywords trying to optimize.
    • Meta title: The meta title shows in the search results as title. This also should be a keyword friendly.
    • Meta description: The meta description is the little description displayed next to the title most search pages of Google. While writing meta description, make sure that those keywords are search engine friendly and make it as inviting.
    • Permalinks: The URL of each page is called permalinks. Every permalink should be at least relevant to the page or should be keyword friendly.


  • Good and unique content: Use keywords in the content as natural as possible. Use the primary keyword for the page five to six times and the secondary keywords two to three times each. Post original and unique content in the website, because Google’s algorithm can recognize if taken from elsewhere. Use the content title keywords in H1, H2 etc. heading tags of those pages. Add the relevant and content to the website, because Google give more credibility to the quality content than the number of pages that the website have.


  • Image optimization: Images are essential for a auto dealership website. This is because content can never give the effectiveness without an image, especially for automobiles. Even though Google algorithms does not see images in the website, it can help get good ranking in search results. Now, we will see some of the image optimization tips.
    • Name of the image: While uploading an image to the website, make sure that the image name is keyword friendly or at least relevant.
    • Title of the image: This is the title of the image and should be keyword friendly. Also, search engines can consider this to be another heading for the page.
    • Description: The image description optimization is required when plans to display in the search results. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme