How Can Your Car Steering Go Wrong at Different Dynamics

You know that when we turn the steering wheel of the car, the car’s wheel also turn. There are a lot of interesting mechanisms going on between this cause and effect. The basic components in the car steering system are almost same throughout the world. The steering components are steering wheel, steering system, track rod, tie rods, and the steering arms. The steering wheel connects to the steering system, the steering system connects to the track rod, the track rod connects to the tie rods, and tie rods are to the steering arms. In this article, we are going to learn how the steering can go wrong at different dynamics.

  • Over steer: When the car goes far more efficiently than you think, it is called over steer. This means you go into a corner which is much more quickly than you expected. By car losing the grip in over steer bring the weight to the rear wheels under braking. It results in the rear as kicking out in the corner. If it is racing, the driving will end up by spinning the car inside of the corner backwards. In normal driving, the driving will end up in the way you come by pointing back.
  • Under steer: When the car steers less than that you pointed is called under-steer. It can be brought on by all manners of speed issues, suspension and chassis. It means on the front wheels car is losing its grip. When you appliy the brakes, the wight of the car is transferred to front. In this case, the front tires mechanical grip overpowered and they lose their grip. It results that the car goes very wide corner.
  • Counter steering: When you are experiencing over steer, you need to do counter steering. The situation like car’s back end is loses its grip and swing out, opposite direction steering to the corner can often catch over steer.

In the simplest form of steering system, the direction of both the front wheels are always in a same way. When you turn the steering wheel both wheels will point in a same direction around the corner. By doing this, you will end up with a vehicle that crabs around the corner, loss of grip and tires scrubbing. As well, the outside wheels of the car travel further than the inside wheels when you goes around a corner. To make the front wheels and tires to do not get stress, they point at little different angle to the car’s center line. All of this is to do with the geometric circles. With the simple geometric arrangements of steering components, this difference of angles can achieve. At present most vehicles do not use the pure Ackermann steering. Because, some of the dynamic things do not take. But some of its derivatives use in almost all steering systems. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme